Jill Lopez: Supervision

Clinical supervision is essential in the field of psychotherapy, counselling, mental health and medicine.  It allows you, the practitioner,  time to reflect on the work you are undertaking with your clients and so develop your practice through regular discussion and reflection. Supervision is accepted as being an ethical imperative.

I have provided clinical supervision for many years and have considerable experience of supervising those working in private practice as well as within large therapeutic organisations.  I am particularly interested in developing an open, honest and collaborative environment in which we can work to explore clinical material for the benefit of you and the clients you are working with.

I provide psychodynamic and integrative supervision and work with both individuals and groups, trainees and qualified professionals on a weekly or monthly basis.

Group Supervision

Group Supervision

Individual Supervision

The amount of supervision needed, as suggested by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, is 1.5 hours per calendar month.  This is regarded as the minimum needed by all counsellors.

From this baseline the amount of supervision needed may vary according to experience, number of clients being worked with and the nature of the work being undertaken.  These points can be addressed when we meet; we can then establish the appointment frequency and number of hours a month which are right for you.

Supervision can be attended online or in person.