Jill Lopez: Psychotherapy & Counselling

Psychotherapy and Counselling is valuable for anyone who has an interest in or need of:

    • a quiet and confidential space to consider concerns
    • exploring their inner thoughts, feelings and behaviour
    • developing greater awareness and self understanding
    • making positive changes in life

At times you may find that you are struggling with, for example bereavement, relationship problems, low self esteem, work difficulties, illness.  Sometimes these problems of living can be overwhelming.  At times like these help is needed and help is available.

I will listen to you and help you understand how past experiences, present concerns or worries about the future may be affecting your life.  By questioning how you respond to yourself and others, you will have the opportunity to make sense of your life and achieve the change you desire.

You may seek therapy to explore issues such as:

You can attend your therapy sessions online or in person.  I have found that working with clients online, using various platforms,  is an effective way to receive therapy and work towards therapeutic change from where ever you are in the world.  Meeting in person allows you a chance to step out of your environment and work on the therapeutic change you want to achieve.

Confidentiality is an essential cornerstone of counselling and psychotherapy whether delivered online or in person.

An initial consultation will give us the opportunity to discuss your concerns and establish what you hope to accomplish, as well as the type and length of treatment which is most suitable for you.

We will work together to explore your experiences, so allowing us insight into what is happening now.

Sessions are held once or twice a week and can be open ended or limited to a specific number of sessions.  Each session is 50 minutes in length. As far as possible we will meet on the same day and at the same time each week.